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Delaware Senate Democrats

Delaware General Assembly to livestream session proceedings on official website

January 11, 2020

DOVER – The Delaware General Assembly will convene its 151st session tomorrow in a virtual format to safeguard the health and welfare of legislators, staff and the public.

The House will begin at noon while the Senate will start at 2 p.m. Each chamber will begin by swearing in new and newly elected members before holding organizational votes to elect their leaders and pass their rules.

While the chambers will be meeting virtually, the public will be able to watch live and later playback recordings of the proceedings directly on the General Assembly website for the first time ever.

This option is a departure from how the General Assembly streamed and archived video of virtual session proceeding last year. The video streams directly on the General Assembly website will supplant the legislature’s YouTube channels, although previously recorded videos will remain on those channels for public viewing.

To watch live sessions of the House and Senate, visit and click on the appropriate link under the “Live Proceedings” sections previously used to broadcast audio of the chambers’ in-person meetings.

To access recordings of the House and Senate proceedings, visit and click on the “Meetings & Archives” tab at the top of the page to select the appropriate chamber.

To join committee meetings, visit and look for the Legislative Calendar under the Public Notice section of the website for a list of upcoming meetings or visit the Committee Meetings page of the respective chambers. Click on the appropriate committee to open the full meeting notice. Advance registration is required and can be completed by clicking on the Virtual Meeting Link.

Only full session proceedings will be livestreamed to the General Assembly website in keeping with the legislature’s previous practice of broadcasting live audio. Video of committee meetings will not be broadcast to the General Assembly site.

Legislative Hall will remain closed to the public.