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Delaware Senate Democrats

Statement: Sen. Lockman on GOP Sen. refusal to back resolution congratulating President-elect and Vice President-elect

January 14, 2021

Statement From Senate Majority Whip on Republican Senators’ Refusal to Back Resolution Congratulating President-elect and Vice President-elect. Sen. Elizabeth “Tizzy” Lockman released the following statement regarding today’s Senate votes on House Concurrent Resolution 5 and Senate Concurrent Resolution 3:

“The Senate Minority Whip began the 151st General Assembly by quoting Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural address in calling for a rejection of the divisive rhetoric that has engulfed the political landscape of our nation.

Unfortunately, he and five of his colleagues in the Senate Republican Caucus were only able to live up to those words for less than 48 hours.

By refusing today to support resolutions congratulating President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and acknowledging the results of a free and fair election, they demonstrated where their true allegiances lie.

Make no mistake. Their votes today were intended to cast further doubt on the sanctity and security of our democracy, while securing support among conspiracy theorists and supporters of last week’s attempted coup by armed insurrectionists.

I call on my Republican colleagues to show Delawareans that their words reflect the values of this nation and step forward to condemn the political violence that has already occurred in Washington D.C., as well as the threats of further political violence our law enforcement community has been warning about in the days since.”