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Delaware Senate Democrats

Senate Democrats’ statement on the Derek Chauvin verdict

April 20, 2021

Delaware State Senate Majority Caucus
Contact: Scott Goss (302) 744-4180, or
Dylan McDowell (302) 744-4282

All 14 members of the Delaware Senate Majority Caucus released the following statement today regarding former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin being found guilty on all three charges in the death of George Floyd last May:

“The family of George Floyd today received a measure of justice that so many families have sought in vain throughout our nation’s history. This moment is both a glimmer of hope for our criminal justice system and a bitter reminder that without a bystander’s video and the outrage of ordinary citizens throughout our nation, Derek Chauvin may well be patrolling the streets of Minneapolis today.

The Delaware General Assembly and legislatures across America have real work to do before our neighbors can expect justice, rather than be surprised by it. The real triumph comes when Black and Brown lives are no longer lost at the hands of police and everyone is truly safe in their communities.

Today’s verdict should inspire us to continue our work to demonstrate that Black Lives Matter and demand accountability from the men and women entrusted with protecting us all.”