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Delaware Senate Democrats

Senate Leadership statement on Delaware Auditor Kathy McGuiness

August 30, 2022

Contact: Scott Goss (302) 744-4180

Delaware Senate President Pro Tempore Dave Sokola, Senate Majority Leader Bryan Townsend, and Senate Majority Whip Elizabeth Lockman issued the following statement regarding Delaware Auditor Kathy McGuiness:

“As leaders of the Delaware Senate, we called on Auditor Kathy McGuiness to resign when she was first indicted on multiple criminal charges in late 2021. We again called on her to resign when she was found guilty of those crimes by a jury of her peers.

After she repeatedly refused to put the public’s interests ahead of her own, we held a special session where the Senate voted to call on Governor John Carney and our colleagues in the House to begin removal proceedings, a Constitutional power granted to the General Assembly that was dismissed as political theater. 

Delawareans have had enough.

Now that she has been tried and convicted of multiple crimes and her request for a new trial has been denied, Kathy McGuiness owes it to the people of Delaware to do what is right and step down before she is forced out of the elected office that the Attorney General, a jury and a Superior Court judge all agree she used to violate the public’s trust.”